Thursday, January 18, 2018

Save the cost and hassle of hiring a lawyer for your claim
application, with us it's all covered under our services.
We are always behind our client,
when it comes to claim…

When you have a motor accident,
all you need to do is to call us.
We take care of everythingup to the stage
you receive the claim check.
We are your one-stop solution provider of
motor accident in Singapore.

Let the experts handle your marine insurance
who has the in-depth knowledge of International Maritime Law,
we are just a call away.

Health Insurance, it is important for you to know what you are buying.
We explain everything in full detail before you sign dotted line.
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    Are you looking for the best price for your car insurance in Singapore , save time and money , it's just a click away to get the best quote in town .
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    No one can deny the importance of health insurance in Singapore, it's the matter of life and death, be 100% covered with our well defined and price competitive packages of health insurance in Singapore.
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    Marine insurance, Leave it to be handled by experts, we get into the detail of every case of our customer to get them the maximum out of their insurance policy. Contact us for free consultations.
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    Winning a big tender in construction and engineering is just the start of success story but it the story can end premature if you cannot comply with the contractual obligation such as performance bonds, here is where we come in and help. Let us be your partner in building success stories .
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    • What to do if an accident happens

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    • For this, I must commend Alco Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd’s services, dedication and commitment to customers like me. All their staff was warm, helpful, knowledgeable and responsive and very professional in their approach in solving my problem.
    • I feel that it is very important for my insurance broker to be able to give in-depth professional advice on insurance claims in Singapore and that it exactly what Mr. Quek can do.
    • I like working with Alco Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd because you guys are responsible. I don’t have to worry about when is the renewal...
    • Most of our corporate insurances are with Alco insurance Singapore because their service is generally very good!
    • I personally knew Mr Quek for nearly 20 years starting from Kim Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd and now known as Alco Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd. He is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to insurance. A bit "lo so" but he is a very experience and knowledgeable man, he delivered his job very well.
    • You are very prompt in sending me my motor insurance renewal on time and you work very well with insurers.
    • Your prices quoted for the insurances are reasonable and your service is good, that is what I like about Alco Insurance Company.
    • We congratulate you in your success in acting for us to fully win our case against charterers and their appointed lawyers Sinclair Roche & temperley in London arbitration.
    • We congratulate you in your success in acting for us to fully win our case against charterers and their appointed lawyers Sinclair Roche & temperley in London arbitration.