Personal Data Policy

Personal Data Policy

Personal Data Policy

We at ALCO Insurance Brokers Pte. Ltd. Singapore, respect the protection of the personal data and take our responsibilities under Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).

By providing your personal data to ALCO Insurance Brokers Pte. Ltd. (ALCO), acting a broker you agree, consent and warrant on behalf of your organization to allow ALCO and their employees and related companies to collect use, disclose, transfer your personal data for various purposes including but not limited to quotation, due diligence, pricing, underwriting administering and servicing of policies, claims, accounting, audit, legal, compliance and all other incidental purposes.

Personal Data, we collect from you are the data we receive when you submit the form through our website, through email communication, by phone conversation or by other forms. The data includes Full Name, NRIC, FIN, Passport No, Email, Mobile, Vehicle Details, Policy Details, and Images.

All consents given is unconditional and independent of any contract and will remain in force until your request in writing to withdraw or amend the consent.

The personal data in our systems are secured and protected to our best endeavours. All personal data in our possession or under our control will be destroyed if it is no longer serve the intended purpose for which that personal data was collected.

Any complaints, grievances, updating, amendment of your personal data or withdrawal of consent, you may contact our Data Protection Officer pursuant to Personal Data Protection Act 2012 at 10-13 International Plaza, Singapore 079903.

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