20% Increase of Fire Cases are all came from Private Residential Areas

Cases of fire privately residential areas have increased through 20 % from January to June last year. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) mentioned 76 private residential fire cases occurred in that period, from a total of 1,541 residential cases. The SCDF only produces such data once twice yearly. Channel News Asia is aware that many home owners invest in fire insurance, only two per cent have got fire extinguishers for home use.

Regardless of owning fire insurance, the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA’s) mentioned many of home owners are not aware of the calculation formula behind it.

GIA’s executive director Derek Teo said: “If the building reinstatement value is S$1 million and they insured it for half million, what it means is that they are insured for 50 per cent. So if the loss is $100,000, they will only be paid $50,000.”

Based ona residential fire equipment retailer, purchasing extinguishers only becomes a concern of home owners once they experience a fire themselves, or witness a neighbour’s house on fire.And retailers said every household should have at least a one-kilogramme extinguisher for emergencies.

Ricky Hee, director at VERT Solutions, said:

“People tend to forget that we live in a clustered area where we live in apartments and high-rise buildings. If there is a fire in their neighbour’s apartment, it might affect them too.”

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source: channelnewsasia

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